South Korean Animal Activists Oppose Korean Bullfighting as Cultural Heritage

Animal rights activists in South Korea are pushing back against the discussion of designating bullfighting as a cultural heritage, citing concerns over animal abuse. Despite its historical roots and l..

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European Countries Lead Initiative Against Export of Used Clothing

France, Sweden, and Denmark are spearheading a pivotal movement within the European Union aimed at curbing the export of used clothing, highlighting a growing concern over the ever-increasing textile ..

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The Third Summit for Democracy

From Mar. 18 to 20, Seoul hosted the Summit for Democracy, the third of its kind since its establishment in 2021. Held under the theme of “Democracy for Future Generations,” the event brought togethe..

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ChatGPT and the Future of Cover Letters in Job Applications

Due to the increasing number of applicants submitting cover letters using ChatGPT, major companies in South Korea are exploring alternative hiring methods. Recruitment experts advise against using Cha..

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EU Passes Groundbreaking Legislation To Regulate Artificial Intelligence

In a recent move, the European Union (EU) has introduced a new era of regulation for artificial intelligence (AI) with the approval of the Artificial Intelligence Act by the European Parliament. This ..

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