English Letter

RE: U.K. Smoking Ban

Dear Julia,I know smoking is unhealthy, but the U.K. government seems to have gone overboard this time. A new law will raise the legal age for buying cigarettes (presently 18) each year. So people b..

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World News

Milan Proposes Law to Ban Ice Cream Takeout After Midnight

Milan, Italy, is considering a new law banning the sale of ice cream and other takeaway food after midnight. The proposed law aims to curb noise and maintain the peace at night.The city government s..

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The History of Silk Scarves

Silk scarves have been around for over 4,500 years, originating in ancient China. Legend credits the discovery of silk to Empress Leizu, also known as Xi Ling-shi and the first wife of the Yellow Em..

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National News

South Korean Researchers Develop New Method for Creating Diamonds

South Korean researchers at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) have developed a new method for producing artificial diamonds under ambient pressure. The technique involves a liquid metal alloy ma..

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Life Tips

Finding Guidance Through Mentorship

A mentor provides guidance, support, and advice, helping you navigate your academic life and career path. To find a good mentor, assess your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Determine the qualities..

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