English Letter

Confirmation Bias: What It Is and Strategies To Avoid It

Dear Paisley,I’ve started to reconsider the function of the filter bubbles in social media. While these algorithms that suggest content tailored to my preference are convenient, they confine me to ..

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World News

Washington, D.C.’s National Zoo Returns Pandas Back to China

The Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, D.C. bid farewell to its beloved giant pandas, Mei Xiang, Tian Tian, and their three-year-old cub, Xiao Qi Ji, as they left for Chengdu, China, on Nov...

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Senet: The Board Game With a Connection to the Afterlife

Senet, the oldest known board game in the world, originated in Ancient Egypt around 3,100 B.C. This game, played by commoners and nobles alike, started as a mere leisure activity but slowly evolved ..

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National News

LG Twins Wins Korean Series After 29 Years

On Nov. 13, the LG Twins secured its first Korean Series title in 29 years by defeating the KT Wiz 6-2 in the fifth game of the series. As the victorious moment unfolded, Jamsil Baseball Stadium res..

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Life Tips

Tips for a Rewarding Winter Vacation

The winter vacation is more than a mere break from school. It offers a perfect opportunity to create lasting memories and discover new things about yourself. You can turn the vacation into a genuine..

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