World News

Seattle Becomes the First City to Ban Caste Discrimination

The Seattle City Council has passed a bill prohibiting caste discrimination in various areas, such as employment and housing. Seattle is the first jurisdiction in the U.S. to take official action ag..

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A New Battle Brings the Spotlight to Korea’s E-wallet Market

A new battle between two tech behemoths, Samsung and Apple, may soon commence as Apple prepares to launch its Apple Pay service in Korea.In response to Apple’s announcement of the launch in February,..

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National News

Samsung Pay and Naver Pay Team Up to Counter Apple Pay

In the face of Apple Pay’s upcoming launch in Korea, Samsung Pay and Naver Pay have formed a strategic partnership to solidify their dominance in the nation’s mobile payment market.Domestically, Sa..

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Young Koreans Lukewarm About Housing Subscription Savings Account

Korean youths are increasingly eschewing housing subscription savings accounts as the real estate market remains stagnant.According to the data provided by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Tra..

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No More Gas and Diesel Cars!

The European Parliament approved a new plan for a greener future on Feb. 14. The bill will ban the sale of new cars and vans that run on gasoline or diesel fuel by 2035. It is part of a much larger ..

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