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The Inventor of Karaoke Passes Away at 100

Shigeichi Negishi, credited as one of the inventors of karaoke, passed away of natural causes on Jan. 26 at age 100, according to his family, The Wall Street Journal reports. Negishi is known for hi..

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In Spotlight

ChatGPT and the Future of Cover Letters in Job Applications

Due to the increasing number of applicants submitting cover letters using ChatGPT, major companies in South Korea are exploring alternative hiring methods. Recruitment experts advise against using Cha..

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National News

South Korea Hosts the Third Summit for Democracy

World leaders convened for the third Summit for Democracy hosted in Seoul from Mar. 18 to 20, united under the theme “Democracy for Future Generations.” The summit aimed to fortify democratic princ..

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The Bank of Japan Scraps Negative Interest Rates

Japan’s decision to hike interest rates for the first time in 17 years received cautious optimism from business leaders. With a seven to two majority vote, the Bank of Japan (BOJ), led by Governor Ka..

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How Interactions with Dogs Boost Mental Health

A recent study led by Yoo On-yoo from Konkuk University has shed more light on the impact of dog companions on humans. Published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE, the study underscores the prom..

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