To Maria

From NickTo MariaSubject I’m always lateDear Maria,I have a problem. I’m always late for school, but I’m not late by a lot. Sometimes, I’m late by just a few minutes or even a few seconds. But, I..

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World News

Twitter Limits Russian Government Accounts

Twitter has imposed restrictions on accounts that are connected to the Russian government. These accounts include the Twitter accounts of President Vladimir Putin. These new restrictions will preven..

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The History of American Cakes

What kind of food satisfies your sweet tooth? For many people, cakes are a sweet food that helps to satisfy people’s cravings for dessert. As cakes are a popular type of food in the U.S., here is the..

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National News

The Redevelopment of Lotte World in Seoul

Since it opened in 1989, Lotte World in Seoul has been loved by many Koreans and tourists of all ages. Every year, the theme park attracts more than 7 million visitors. The popularity of the theme p..

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Life Tips

How To Dress for Spring

Spring is an exciting time because the cold winter has passed and we can enjoy the colors of the warmer weather. As such, spring is the time when we can put away our dark winter coats and put on som..

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