World News

Twitter Limits Russian Government Accounts

Twitter has imposed restrictions on accounts that are connected to the Russian government. These accounts include the Twitter accounts of President Vladimir Putin. These new restrictions will preven..

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Warner Bros. Removes Lines of Dialogue From New ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Movie

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is the third movie in the Fantastic Beasts series of Harry Potter prequels. The film was released on Apr. 8 in China, the world’s largest movie market. War..

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National News

The Redevelopment of Lotte World in Seoul

Since it opened in 1989, Lotte World in Seoul has been loved by many Koreans and tourists of all ages. Every year, the theme park attracts more than 7 million visitors. The popularity of the theme p..

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Korean Court Upholds Ban on Tattooing

The Constitutional Court in Seoul recently voted to keep the practice of tattooing illegal, unless it is performed by a medical professional.Tattooing has been illegal in Korea for decades, and today,..

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How Long Does Omicron Last on Surfaces?

Scientists in Japan have conducted research on how long the omicron variant survives on different surfaces. The scientists found that the omicron variant survives on plastic for 193.5 hours and on t..

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